Treasury Board Contribution Agreement

Refundable (refundable) contributions are contributions that are refundable in whole or in part if the conditions set out in the contribution agreements are established. The Government of Canada will commit to future reforms in the management of grants and contributions. This commitment will continue the progress already made on reforms and will focus in particular on reforms that will ensure long-term sustainable growth. (c) grants, contributions or other transfers shall be paid to services only if they are explicitly mentioned as eligible in the legislation. Any other organization, including a Crown Corporation, may be an eligible recipient under class grants or contributions, provided it meets the eligibility criteria and complies with the contribution agreement. When a division is considering a grant, contribution or other transfer to a crown corporation listed in Part I of Schedule III to the Financial Administration Act, the Treasury Board Secretariat analyst must be consulted in advance to determine whether specific approval from the Board of Directors is required. Care should be taken to ensure that a grant, contribution or other transfer does not replace the financing of an undertaking`s operating or capital needs. 6.57 As part of our audit, the Court reviewed the reports of these hearings and found that grant and contribution recipients had a number of concerns about the guidelines on review and reporting obligations, the administrative burden of complying with the directives, and the time it took hrsDC to approve their projects, lack of multi-year funding for long-term projects. and the need to apply annually for these projects.

Other departments surveyed organizations that have received funding through grants and contribution programs on a number of issues related to the application of the Transfer Directive. These investigations and our audit results tend to reinforce the results of parliamentary hearings, indicating that these concerns are not only found among HRSDC beneficiaries. 1.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to financial assistance provided through contributions and contributions provided for under the Judicial Partnership and Innovation Programme (JPIP) in order to arouse the Ministry`s interest in issues relating to access to justice, domestic violence, missing and murdered Aboriginal women /violence against Aboriginal women and girls, the harmonization of private international law and other emerging judicial issues. 500,000,000 0 These terms and conditions will be established in accordance with the Executive Board`s Directive on Transfers (October 2008) and revised in April 2012. The department`s capacity relates to a division`s infrastructure – the tools, automated systems, procedures and trained people needed for the effective implementation of grant and contribution programs. (Previous) 17.2 The objectives of the JPIP must be implemented in a broader context of Canada`s linguistic duality, by supporting projects aimed at official linguistic minority communities. Applicants must provide information on whether the project will result in services in both official languages and the impact the project may have on official language minority communities. Recipients who receive funding must respect the spirit and intent of Canada`s Official Languages Act when providing services to the public under a funding agreement. Later this year, the Chairman of the Board of Directors commissioned the Independent Blue Ribbon Panel on Grant and Contribution Programs.

In its December 2006 report, “From Bureaucracy to Clear Results,” the panel recommended that the government simplify the reporting and accountability system and promote innovation through reasonable risk management. . . .

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