Wga Minimum Basic Agreement 2018

If you have questions about the application of these minimum provisions or requirements or about categories of minimum values that are not included in this schedule, or if you have a question of interpretation of the basic agreement, contact the contract division or call (323) 782-4501. If you want to purchase a printed copy of the MBA or previous agreements or schedules, email Operations. For basic cable channel replays, residues are generally calculated on either 1) of a cable formula that applies decreasing percentages to the minimum values in force on cable, commonly known as “Formula Sanchez,” which refers to the show “Sanchez of Bel Air,” for which the formula was first used[7] or 2) a “Hitchcock” formula. , named after the “Hitchcox” show, one hundred and twenty per cent (120%) one percentage point. the difference between the corresponding prime time network minimum and the applicable cable minimum for twelve (12) repetitions over five (5) years. The second type of residual calculation is a revenue-based calculation, in which the leftovers payable are based on a percentage of the revenue that the studio or distributor receives. The second formula applies, among other things, to reuse on basic cables, AVOD[5] and other high-budget programs than SVOD programs. [6] Whether or not a television writer is entitled to leftovers ultimately depends on the WGA`s credit determination. Under the basic agreement, the guild, if it grants a written credit to a writer, is entitled to 100% (100%) residues available, while a writer who receives a “teleplay by” credit, 75 per cent (75%) can claim available residues If the guild only recognizes a “Story by” credit to a writer, it is entitled to 25 per cent (25%) available residues. In addition, if an author was entitled to the separation of rights[2] and “Created by” on the series, he would be entitled to a balance on the creator`s continuation payment paid for each episode of the series produced beyond the pilot. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is a union that represents the interests of professional authors of radio, film, television and new media.

“scale,” the term used for the minimum dollar amount that a WGA signatory (a company that agrees to abide by guild rules) must pay to a screenwriter. And all Hollywood studios and most production companies are signatories to the WGA. These minimum requirements include what a WGA signatory must pay a screenwriter to purchase or choose a “specification script” or to instruct a scribe to write a script.

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