Physician Service Agreement Template

16. TERMINATION DUE TO LEGISLATURE OR ADMINISTRATIF CHANGE In the event that there are changes in current federal or regional laws or regulations regarding Medicare/Medicaid, the adoption of new laws or changes in other third-party reimbursement systems that have a significant impact on the reimbursement that the client or the independent contractor may receive for his or her respective services, the client may immediately terminate this contract. 3. DUTIES OF INDEPENDENT (a) Independent contractors assume responsibility for the implementation of professional medical services in emergency medicine and the provision of additional administrative and service services in accordance with Schedule A, where this is attached. The awarding entity has the power to determine and control, in reason and within the limits of professional ethics, the specific physical place and obligations to be fulfilled by the independent contractor; provided, however, that the client is not allowed to transfer the independent contractor to a location where the independent contractor does not currently provide medical services without the consent of the independent contractor. The independent contractor hereby undertakes to act competently and professionally in carrying out the tasks of his business and to make all clinical decisions according to the best medical judgment. The main building, hospital or any other facility in which the independent contractor is required to assign patients to the independent contractor, and the independent contractor provides medical services to these patients. No person other than the rector and this hospital has the right to designate patients for whom the independent contractor must provide services, namely and with their name and description, and the independent contractor cannot consider the designation of another person or organization. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the agreement, nothing should be construed as limiting the obligations and obligations of the independent holder to his patients, including, but not limited to, obligations to prescribe or administer drugs and provide medical services to each patient.

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