California Family Fitness Membership Agreement

If you would like to discuss termination of your membership or explore other options, please visit one of our SBB sites or call our member care centre at 916-987-2030 and follow the instructions. Thank you so much for your request! We strive to provide all our members with a friendly, safe and clean environment that they can enjoy while working to achieve their health and fitness goals. Our gym members contribute to this atmosphere by being polite and respectful of each other. You can click here for helpful suggestions on the positive fitness label at California Family Fitness. What fitness goals do you plan to achieve in December? California Family Fitness Personal Trainer can help! Group fitness classes include Zumba, Kickboxing, Spin Cycling and more! Discover the variety of courses taught daily by qualified instructors in our gyms. At California Family Fitness, we have all the fitness equipment you need for a great workout. And there is everything out and covered so you can practice rain or shine! Yes, our group fitness classes are free with your California Family Fitness subscription! According to McCauley, Cal Fit`s membership policy involves recognizing and signing a form indicating that potential members are entering into a 12-month contract with Cal Fit. Membership will not be processed until the contract is confirmed, McCauley said. We understand that life sometimes hinders your fitness goals. If you need to take a break or make a detour through your current membership, it doesn`t matter. Visit to complete and submit an online cancellation form. Once your membership cancellation request has been received and approved by our head office, you will receive an email confirmation of your cancellation within 7-10 business days. This weekend, he met a classmate who had been in the same situation, and he returned to cal-fit to terminate his membership.

There, he says, Jones agreed to terminate his membership on the condition that the student give him $5 in cash. There was no entry.

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